Potty training

And so this week, if nothing else,

Should be quite entertaining. 

Yes, the time has come when we

Must start the potty training. 😝 

Some kids scream the place down if

They have a dirty nappy, 

So I don’t really have high hopes,

As toddler is quite happy. 😂

But we will see what happens when

The nappy is not there.

Will they try the potty out? 

Or will they just not care. 😬

A scare

This weekend we made a double 

Trip to A&E.

Toddler had some symptoms that were

Terrifying me. 😰

A fever with cold hands and feet 

Is it some kind of virus?

Then Sunday, when the rash appeared,

Please don’t be meningitis! 😱

So it is an infection. They 

Gave us antibiotics. 

Better to be safe though, I’m glad 

I’m a bit neurotic. 😌

Old and new

In our house we watch a mixture 

Of the old and new.

Toddler likes CBeebies, but loves 

Good old Bagpuss too. 😍

I must say, there are cracking things

On newer kids’ TV,

But programmes had a nicer pace

Back in the seventies. 🤩

I think that it is good for them,

To see how they contrast,

And hope that, in the future, they’ll

Appreciate the past. 😊

Relinquishing control

Just because it’s different

Does not mean it’s not right.

It’s taken me the last two years 

To gather that insight. 😬

I used to think that my way was

The only way to go,

And looking after toddler? Well,

That should be done just so. 🤓

But now I am far more relaxed,

To husband’s great relief,

He knew his way was just as good.

I now share that belief. 😍

Bedtime stories

I tell you what, those Ladybird Tales

Are a gruesome lot.

I read them all when I was wee,

But I must have forgot. 🤔

The Gingerbread Man, well he gets munched,

And so does Chicken Licken.

But toddler doesn’t seem to care.

You’d think they would be stricken. 😮

Hansel and Gretel. Another good one

That’s far from being tame.

That story would see any modern

Horror put to shame. 😱

Too much information

Crikey, what a week we’re having.

Challenging for mummy.

Double whammy, toddler and I 

Have a dodgy tummy. 😷

One of us would be enough, 

But both of us is grim.

It is totally carnage. (Over 

Details I will skim). 🤫

At least we are not feeling sick.

Now that is a relief,

And fingers crossed, whatever this is,

Turns out to be brief. 😩


Oh dear, the dreaded dribble’s back,

And that means just one thing. 

Those teeth are on the move again, 

With all the joy that brings. 🙄

Toddler’s chewing everything 

In the vicinity.

But, on top of that, they are 

Decidedly grumpy. 😡

Must be sore though, poor wee mite,

And they don’t understand.

So we just have to make sure that 

The Calpol is to hand. 😇

Birthday present

For my birthday last weekend,

I had just one request.

As far as birthday presents go,

This one would be the best. 🤩

It didn’t have a price tag and,

You can’t buy it online.

And it was not a trip away,

Or going out to dine. 🤔

I thought it not a lot to ask.

‘Twas not perfume or flowers.

All that I wanted was peace

And quiet for two hours. 🤫


Toddler’s giving us that look,

And we know what it means,

As it’s the cheekiest wee look

That you have ever seen. 😜

They are pushing boundaries,

And trying out some hustles.

Seeing what they can achieve by

Flexing those wee muscles. 🤨

What it is they want to see,

Is us making a fuss.

So now, if they are naughty, it is

Mostly on purpose. 😈


Last week I was out for dinner

Two nights in a row.

(For all my childless pals, that will

Not seem like much I know). 😜

You see when you have kids, they come

With quite a lot of guilt,

And you cannot get rid of it.

The damn stuff is inbuilt. 😝

So getting home when they’re asleep?

You’ll miss their wee face, and

The guilt kicks in, you feel like the

Worst parent in the land. 😳