Take the shame

So three weeks in at nursery

And toddler’s doing well.

The ladies say she’s starting to

Come right out of her shell. 😇

It’s still a little stressful when

I have to take her in,

But when I pick her up again 

I get a massive grin. 😁

But how are you, you might well ask?

I haven’t gone that far.

You’ll find me sitting outside for 

Two hours in the car. 😬

Dropping the nap

I used to have some time each day,

To get through lots of crap.

I’d batter through my chores, while toddler

Went down for a nap. 🤓

Then one day they decided that,

If they had their nap then,

At bedtime they would not do down 

Till after half past ten. 🙄

But even though we’ve said ‘So long,

And farewell glory days’,

Now, at bedtime, toddler always 

Conks out straight away. 😜

Separation anxiety

I’m mentally preparing for 

The main event this week.

When toddler starts at nursery.

I’ll have to leave them. Eek! 😬

I’ve never left them anywhere,

Not for a single day.

How will I manage to get in

The car and drive away? 😱

But this is part of being a mum,

That you must take your heart,

And give it to somebody else

Whenever you’re apart. 💕

Potty time

So potty training’s going well.

Now we don’t have much stuff,

That hasn’t had some pee on it.

I’m OCD! It’s rough. 😩

The washing basket’s over flowing. 

Clothes are barely clean,

Before they’re soaking wet with wee,

And back in the machine. 🙄

But we will keep on disinfecting. 

We will persevere. 

And hopefully we will have cracked it,

By this time next year. 😬

Back to work

So my diploma’s finished now.

Goodbye to student life,

And everything there is to being

(Sort of) a housewife. 😅

Alarms will now go off at six,

So I can catch my train,

As I get myself right back into

Working life again. 🤨

I’m going to miss my time at home.

My course has been such fun,

But more than anything, I’ll miss

Time with my little one. 😩

Back to reality

I must say that I’m going to miss  

That festive atmosphere.

As that’s the crazy madness over 

For another year. 😅 

I’ll also miss the fact that toddler’s

Not yet figured out,

Who that old guy Santa is,

And what he’s all about. 😬

As what they say is very true,

That ignorance is bliss.

Next year, t’will be the innocence 

That I will really miss. 😇


It’s totally adorable,

And just the cutest thing,

That when I do my yoga now,

My toddler’s copying. 😍

I push back into downward dog.

I stretch and start to breathe.

But what is this? I have a small child

Hanging round my knees. 😂

They totally get in the way,

So I can’t move my feet.

But, rather than being frustrating, 

It’s really very sweet. 😇

The latest craze

Christmas decorations are now

This year’s must have toy.

I predict a frustrating 

Festive time ahoy. 🤨

Toddler took some off the tree,

Then they took down some more.

Now every day half of them end up

Lying on the floor. 🙄

So if you’re looking at our tree,

The bottom’s kind of drab. 

But if you hold your hand up then 

The top two thirds look fab. 😂


Yesterday was brilliant, as

The time was finally here,

For toddler to get an advent 

Calendar this year. 😃

We got them to find number one.

They opened up the door.

Then, once that door was open, they 

Wanted to open more. 😬

We tried explaining how it works,

But, funnily enough,

They didn’t understand, then they 

Went in a massive huff. 😂


What did parents do before 

They had technology?

How did they deal with epic tantrums,

Whilst in Sainsbury’s? 😱

I don’t know what my parents did

When I was being a dick.

For tantrums in a public place? 

A tablet does the trick. 😍

So part of prepping for our flight 

Will definitely be,

Charging both the iPads up,

And a spare battery. 😂